Our vision is that, if children around the world learn to dream, they will start using their education to develop their own talents to and make their dreams become reality. For us, to dream means that a child will get more self confidence, discovers its talents and the numerous possibilities the world has to offer and discovers what he/she could contribute with to the world. To learn how to dream, means a child learns to choose its own future and to take the initiative himself.

To this end we developed and provide lessons in how to dream, which are based on openness, passion and intimacy. In these lessons we let them answer three important questions:

  • What do you like to do?

  • Which talents do you have?

  • What are you contributing to the world?

In this process the students research how their ‘dream’ profession looks in reality. This includes finding out what kind of education and experience is necessary and finding the locations and people who already practice this profession. They talk in groups and with the project mentors about their talents. They tell about their daily life, their family and friends. Then they think about what they are contributing to their environment right now, and what they can contribute to the world when realizing their dream. Here they learn how to relate their talents to their surroundings. Part of the project is to visit the location of their dream.

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