New exposition Doing Dreams @ObA

Starting now, the exposition of the Doing Dreams photos in the public library of Amsterdam is opened, and will be open untill the end of may. Here everyone can admire Doguhan as a ministre of finance, Merwe as a doctor, Daphne as a night club cancer and many more. Come by and be inspired by these children.

You can visit the exposition ObA daily from 10 – 22 o’clock at the Oosterdokskade 143 close by Amsterdam central station, on the 3th floor..

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Workshop primary school

In cooperation with the ObA we did a workshop Doing Dreams with children of a primary school in Amsterdam North. Nynke Westerveen used her talents as an artist to help the children visualize their talents and dreams.

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Exhibitions Doing Dreams ObA

In the Public Library of Amsterdam, ObA, the children of Doing Dreams are getting famous. In Amsterdam North, the exhibition is travelling the local libraries. Over 5000 people saw the exhibition, and in June and July this year the exhibition will move to Amsterdam Oosterpark.

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After the project: meet Agnes

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New workshops Doing Dreams: How to become….?

How to continue the work these students already did in the Doing dreams project? We developed two special workshops ‘How to become an artist?’ and ‘How to become an entrepreneur?’  To create more space an opportunities for them to make connections in the field they want to work in.

A large part of the children who participated in the project wants to work as a creative professional, artist, architect, cartoonist, dancer, fashion designer etc. This world is often far away from their own experience and surroundings. The workshop ‘How to become an artist?’ is designed to offer them assistance from the field to develop their talents and realize their dream. For this workshop the group went to a famous Dutch architect studio, to see and feel how it is to be a creative professional, outside the traditional arts. They went to an artist collective, where they interviewed several artists in their studios to find out how it really is to live like an artist. Finally, they went to the Academy of Fine Arts, where they found out about being a student there, and practiced different art techniques. Everywhere the questions were: ‘what is being an artist all about?’ and ‘Which talents do I have and need to develop to become an artist?’

On this moment the workshop ‘How to become an entrepreneur?’ is being executed with a group of children from Amarantis, Waterlant college. The Rotary Club of Amsterdam North sponsored the workshops. In this workshop the students learn which possibilities exist in the field of being an entrepreneur, what fits with their own talent and how to make and maintain connections in their work field.

If you are interested in these workshops, please connect with us.

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Companionship Verhalenfabriek

One of the great things of doing this work is that you keep meeting people who are in for the same thing: working with kids from passion. A special company is de Verhalenfabriek (The Story Factory), runned by Tim and Francine, who are experts on using stories to get children to find their very own talents and dreams. Mostly they work on primary schools, and with the partnership with Doing Dreams, we will work together on primary and secondary schools throughout The Netherlands. Developing programs for schools and companies, educational materials and new workshops, we will contribute even more to the educational system together. Read the program they have developed for primary schools.

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Doing Dreams foundation is official!

 After we decided to establish a foundation to conquer the world further, it was a road paved with bureaucracy to finally arrive at this moment. We are officially a foundation! Doing Dreams is based in The Netherlands, but operationally in the whole world. Everybody involved works voluntary, and soon we will also have an ANBI status (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling), which means as much as that as an organization we focus our work for more than 90% on the Common Good. More importantly: all donations made will be refundable through income taxes or corporation taxes by the persons or companies that made the donations.

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Ordina contributing to Doing Dreams worldwide

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The 1 % Club organized an evening to enable young talented professionals of Ordina and their colleagues to put their knowledge, talents and network to good use for projects which participate in 1 % Club. Ofcourse Doing Dreams was there, and we got assigned Marieke, Michiel, Harm, Menno, Joe, Paul and Noor who faced up to the challenge to solve a problem for Doing Dreams in less than a day.

Our challenge was the following. Our goals with worldwide public relations are:

  • To show the possibilities and talents of these children to the world: empowerment, inspiration and creating different images of these children.
  • Find partners and being found by partners: foundations, schools, NGO’s, governments, companies, individuals…et cetera


  • Big effects with restricted means and knowledge;
  • Use existing network possibilities;
  • Opening doors to press and networks;
  • Who will carry out the ideas?

They have been working for hours to brainstorm, develop and discuss the best ways to get well-known all over the world. They presented three plans for action: “Catch your Dream”, Dreamgallery, ways to get attention in the media, use ambassadors and ways to approach companies from within. Big and smaller plans which we can put into action with some help of others. So let’s get moving! We’ll keep you posted on what can be done…

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Book release party in Amsterdam

 The official release of the book Doing Dreams and the final get together with the students of the Doing Dreams project in Amsterdam: a very special occasion!

The City hall of Amsterdam hosted the party where the 50 kids who were part of the project made for the guests of honor. Many of the organizations they went to take their photo and meet their heroes were also there. A very special guest was the famous heavy metal band Chainsaw. Out of the hands of Martijn the students received their own dream photo to keep and of course the book. Then they gave a copy of the book to their heroes, where they took their dream photo.

Many people interested and committed to the project gathered here today, and met with their heroes: the students who worked so hard. They treated them as proper heroes, even asking them for autographs in their copy of the book.

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Already 5000 copies sold!

 We are happy to let you know as much as 5000 copies of the book Doing Dreams were already sold. Many teachers, educational professionals, parents, artists bought or received a copy of Doing Dreams. As a result, we received reactions of people who were touched, inspired and shocked by what they saw.

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