New workshops Doing Dreams: How to become….?

How to continue the work these students already did in the Doing dreams project? We developed two special workshops ‘How to become an artist?’ and ‘How to become an entrepreneur?’  To create more space an opportunities for them to make connections in the field they want to work in.

A large part of the children who participated in the project wants to work as a creative professional, artist, architect, cartoonist, dancer, fashion designer etc. This world is often far away from their own experience and surroundings. The workshop ‘How to become an artist?’ is designed to offer them assistance from the field to develop their talents and realize their dream. For this workshop the group went to a famous Dutch architect studio, to see and feel how it is to be a creative professional, outside the traditional arts. They went to an artist collective, where they interviewed several artists in their studios to find out how it really is to live like an artist. Finally, they went to the Academy of Fine Arts, where they found out about being a student there, and practiced different art techniques. Everywhere the questions were: ‘what is being an artist all about?’ and ‘Which talents do I have and need to develop to become an artist?’

On this moment the workshop ‘How to become an entrepreneur?’ is being executed with a group of children from Amarantis, Waterlant college. The Rotary Club of Amsterdam North sponsored the workshops. In this workshop the students learn which possibilities exist in the field of being an entrepreneur, what fits with their own talent and how to make and maintain connections in their work field.

If you are interested in these workshops, please connect with us.

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