Who are we?

Dr. Martijn van Oorschot is a partner in a consultancy firm, a writer and an artist. He lives in São Paolo for most of the year, where he has photo studio ‘The Faketory’ and works and lives in Amsterdam as well. He is a psychotherapist and holds a PhD in Cultural Anthropology. He has been working as a coach individually and with groups of people for years now.

“Many people don’t show any passion which makes them rise above themselves. It looks like most people are just waiting. The question which comes to mind is: what for? As if everything that is the way it is in this moment, couldn’t be changed in the future. Other people are mostly busy keeping their situation as it is. It looks like many people don’t live towards the future, but project their image of the past on the future over and over again. Therefore their future is no longer open, but more and more fixed and closed. Passion is something you rarely encounter. People with passion may be a bit strange in this world. My question is how the world would look if people with passion and Geist stride forward in this world. And if they would focus their passion on being there for the world around them.”

“What really gets to me is the ability every person has to act in numerous ways. We are not fixed, in our behaviour we can choose every moment to react in any way we want. Most people are convinced that they only have a very limited number of possible reactions, therefore excluding themselves from any change or improvement. We are free, even though our environment often tells us we’re not. The power to act in any way you want is available to everybody, and creates an immense energy for positive change. If one dares to use it, this power helps you to break out of any social or material prison.”