Join us

A network of various people is active for Doing Dreams, and you are very welcome to join us in any way you can.

Projects and workshops

Whether you are a school or any kind of organization: if you work with children it is possible to do one of our projects (dreams, environment, connection, visibility) or workshops. We have developed a method to do the Doing Dreams project in a school curriculum, as well as several workshops. We can provide trainers to do the projects, or train you to do them yourself and support the process.


Of course there simply is money needed to do the work we do, and to start projects on schools all over the world. If you can support the foundation financially, you can do so in different ways:

Become a friend of Doing Dreams and donate once or monthly an amount you can spare to enable the foundation to do her work.

Order a copy of the book Doing Dreams (available in Dutch or Portuguese) for €32,-. If you want to give the book as a present, you can order a large quantity, with the possibility to print your own message in the book.

Mail to

You can become a sponsor of Doing Dreams with your company or NGO. All developments and achievements are documented and published, so everything is transparent. You can choose which projects you like to donate to, and your employees can participate in various ways. Of course your organization will be mentioned in all communication about Doing Dreams.


One of the main goals of Doing Dreams is to make these children visible to the world. To realize this publicity is needed. A simple way to help is to put a link to our website on your weblog, forum, website, newsletter or Facebook/LinkedIn page. If you have access to printed media it is great to publish an article in any form. Another form of publicity is the exhibition of the portraits of the children in their dreams.

Do you have expertise with public relations, media and communication? You are very welcome to support us in our PR strategy and work with us.

Use your talents

The movement we make is possible through passionate human beings, who recognize the work we do and get passionate about joining. Primarily working together is about having a good connection, and from there anything can be created. Use your talents to contribute to Doing Dreams. Examples from others that work with Doing Dreams are:

  • Creating a website;
  • Creating a video about the project;
  • Connecting with children in Brazil through MSN;
  • Writing press releases;
  • Fund raising;
  • Working with kids;
  • Connecting with schools.

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