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The doing dreams foundation.

The doing dreams foundation aims to help people to make this world a better place. The programs and activities we offer are aimed at the development of awareness and seeing the world as a world of possibilities beyond imagination, sometimes only existing in dreams.

Of course there are many people lacking the most basic of things to survive. Unfortunately, it is beyond our possibilities to help them now and direct. But every person that is creating awareness that he can help is on extra. It is in this our aim is twofold. Helping people under the wrong circumstances to dream again and find ways to gain this dream and on the other hand creating awareness of those who can make a difference with their abundance of resources is what we aim.

In one way the people who suffer and the people who live in abundance seems to have in common that they are not acting but waiting. But for what or what for?

Many people don’t show any passion, which makes them rise above themselves. It looks like most people are just waiting. The question is: what for or for what?

They act as if everything is unchangeable. As if everything that is the way it is in this moment, couldn’t be changed or just changes in the future. Other people are mostly busy keeping their situation as it is. It looks like many people don’t live towards the future, but project their image of the past on the future over and over again. Therefore their future is no longer open, but more and more fixed and closed. Passion is something you rarely encounter. People with passion may be a bit strange in this world. Our question is how the world would look if people with passion stride forward in this world. What would happen if they would focus their passion on being there for the world around them.

What really gets to me is the ability every person has to act in numerous ways. We are not fixed in our behavior we can choose every moment to react in any way we want. Of course sometimes we have to take care, but most fear of acting is based on illusion and moral and untested prejudices and wrongly understood interests.

Most people are convinced that they only have a very limited number of possible reactions, therefore excluding themselves from any change or improvement. We are free even though our environment often tells us we’re not. The power to act in any way you want is available to everybody, and creates an immense energy for positive change. If one dares to use it, this power helps you to break out of any social or material prison.”

That’s what we aim, and we know our aim is high: how can we develop a dream in which we create a better world and how would the world look like if everybody finds the freedom to act in himself and starts to act.