One of the biggest problems of these children is isolation. They live in a world where they meet the same people every day, and most part of the world stays hidden for them. The experience of making contact with people from different social worlds, or other countries, opens up their view. For their empowerment it is important to experience the interest of others in them personally. For their ability to realize their dream it is important that they learn how to make a connection with people from different environments then their own. To realize this in a school, it needs to create a bridge between the school and the city it is in. A way to introduce new worlds is through cultural activities. The students go to a different important cultural, educational or artistic place every month. Their teachers and parents come with them. In the school professionals from these institutes get invited to give lessons to the children about experiencing art, culture and different influences. Also the school works with volunteers, people who also work as professionals in companies. They can give extra lessons in any language; work with children on a specific project, whatever is wanted. This establishes a steady connection between these professionals and the children, as well as between the school and the organization where the volunteers work. Another intervention the foundation uses is the meeting of a child with their hero, or someone who already realized the dream they have in the place their hero works.

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