Ordina contributing to Doing Dreams worldwide

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The 1 % Club organized an evening to enable young talented professionals of Ordina and their colleagues to put their knowledge, talents and network to good use for projects which participate in 1 % Club. Ofcourse Doing Dreams was there, and we got assigned Marieke, Michiel, Harm, Menno, Joe, Paul and Noor who faced up to the challenge to solve a problem for Doing Dreams in less than a day.

Our challenge was the following. Our goals with worldwide public relations are:

  • To show the possibilities and talents of these children to the world: empowerment, inspiration and creating different images of these children.
  • Find partners and being found by partners: foundations, schools, NGO’s, governments, companies, individuals…et cetera


  • Big effects with restricted means and knowledge;
  • Use existing network possibilities;
  • Opening doors to press and networks;
  • Who will carry out the ideas?

They have been working for hours to brainstorm, develop and discuss the best ways to get well-known all over the world. They presented three plans for action: “Catch your Dream”, Dreamgallery, ways to get attention in the media, use ambassadors and ways to approach companies from within. Big and smaller plans which we can put into action with some help of others. So let’s get moving! We’ll keep you posted on what can be done…

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