Final party Doing Dreams project São Paulo

 Imagine: thirty kids who enter glowing with pride, bringing their own foods and drinks, are very happy to see each other and you again. These are the same kids who stumbled in quietly the room one year ago, and sat down as far back in the room as possible.

They gather around the table with their own photos…and discuss how their photo shoot went, what they are busy with on the moment to realize their dream further. They are proud, very proud of themselves and each other. And so are we of course, the team that worked here in Brazil was enjoying thoroughly with these amazing human beings.

They still have the same problems in their lives, they have to deal with on daily basis. How will Ketherine manage to study to get through to college, while taking care of her 5 brothers and sisters? These problems stay. That’s why we keep the connection, and create connections with buddy’s in The Netherlands and Brazil who can help them with developing further.

A story to enjoy: Marcello was born mentally handicapped, the doctors said he would never walk or talk. When he was 5 he started designing cartoons, his way of communicating. By now he walks, talks and goes to school. During the project he went to Mauricio de Sousa, the most famous and loved designer of cartoons in Brazil: a true hero in their eyes. Mauricio offered Marcello to teach him every month and come by with his family. He is doing this now, and when he continues to develop, he will be working in Mauricio’s studio in three years. Marcello is our hero. With some support he achieved this by himself.

There is enough still to be done. But for this moment, we enjoy what has already happened, together with the kids and you.

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