24 hours of promotion on the 1% club

We are very happy about our participation in the 1% Club, which is a marketplace where people who want to contribute money, experience and knowledge can meet small-scale developmental projects. Projects contributing to the millennium goals all over the world participate and exchange experience and knowledge. For Doing Dreams in Brazil, we have asked for donations up to €4890,- and for help with the tasks of fundraising, public relations and the making of a website. Today the 1% Club has a very special 24 hour-day. For 24 rojects, 24 people will dedicate themselves to make as much publicity as they can, mainly using social media. The goal? Filling up these projects and generating attention and awareness. Of course Doing dreams participates, and we are lucky to have two promoters: Kyra Steegs and Henk Koppejan. Check it all out at the website of the 1% Club.

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